The team at BTR Electrical provides a wide range of services to homes and businesses throughout all areas of Melbourne.

New Homes

A good lighting design is one of the most important aspects of any new home. The team of highly skilled and innovative electricians with extensive experience in building new homes can help with all aspects of the building process from liaising with power authorities and design to installation and issuing certificates.

Electrician Montmorency - New Home

Electrician Greensborough- Renovation


The team at BTR Electrical knows that all renovations are unique. We work closely with our clients' and builders to ensure the process runs smoothly and in a cost efficient manner. From small bathroom renovations to extensions and entire house renovations you can be confident that BTR Electrical will deliver the perfect solution for your home.


A rewire involves replacing old wires and electrical components throughout your house. There are many factors that determine the need for a rewire, including:
Age of property: If your house was built over 50 years ago and still has the original wiring then there is a good chance the insulation that protects the cables has degraded to the point where the exposure of live wires is more likely, creating potential hazards to you and your home.
Increased load: With the addition of modern day appliances, old wiring can struggle to keep up and can cause nuisance tripping of circuit breakers and fuses.
Rodent problems: Rodents enjoy eating into the insulation that protects the cables. This can expose live wires and create potential hazards.
Faulty DIY wiring: The increased number of DIY renovations can bring with it sub-standard electrical work. All our work is performed by A-grade electricians who work under a REC (which includes public liability, issuance of Certificates of Electrical Safety). Do not run the risk of voiding your own home insurance by having sub-standard electrical work.

Whether you need your entire house rewired or just a single circuit, BTR Electrical has extensive experience and can guide the whole process.

BTR Electrical - Faulty Wiring


BTR-Electrical-Testing power point

Electrical Safety Check

Whether you have just purchased a property or have lived in it for the past 30 years, getting a safety inspection on your property can give you peace of mind knowing you and your family will be able to sleep safely. Our team of experienced electricians will carry out a range of tests to ensure there is no potential underling hazard within your property and can give you an obligation-free quote and advice on how to rectify a problem if required.

Switchboard Replacement / Upgrades

A switchboard is one of the most important protective devices of any property. If your home or office is over 25 years old then there is a good chance that your switchboard has the old federal ceramic-type fuses. These fuses by law are no longer allowed to be installed and they increase risk of fire within your property.

A switchboard upgrade requires that the size of the cable powering the board be increased; this is usually required when an additional load such as a new cook top or air-conditioning unit is installed. The team at BTR Electrical can replace or upgrade your existing switchboard with a combination of circuit breakers and safety switches to keep your home or business safe.

Electrician Research -Switchboard Upgrade

Electrician Eltham - Safety Switch

Safety Switch Installation

Residual Current Devices (RCD), also known as safety switches, are life saving devices installed in your home’s switchboard. These devices are designed to protect you from electric shock or electrocution in the event that human contact is made with live electrical wires. If your home is over 20 years old then there is a good chance these life saving devices are not installed. The team at BTR Electrical can retrofit new safety switches to your existing switchboard to ensure your safety.

Power Points

Whether you require the replacement of a faulty power point or a point installed behind your new big screen TV, the team at BTR Electrical can cater for your needs.  No job is too big or too small.


BTR Electrical - LED Downlights

LED Down Lights

LED down lights are one of the most cost effective solutions to the ever increasing power bills. These highly efficient lights can use 85% less power than traditional halogen light fittings and can last up to 10 times longer.

Replace existing batten holder with down lights

If you have just taken ownership of your new home and would like to get your existing batten holders changed to down lights, the team at BTR Electrical can deliver a cost effective and reliable solution for your new home.

TV and Antenna Installation

The team at BTR Electrical is experienced in installing and setting up televisions. Whether you want your already existing television mounted on the wall or a new television set up in a different room we have the skills and knowledge to help you obtain your desired needs in a way that looks great.

If you are looking to replace your antenna to upgrade your signal, or if you require additional tv points then we can help with that aspects as well.

Watsonia - Home Theatre System

Local Electrician - Ceiling fan

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are a cost effective option to cool down any room by introducing slow moving air in an otherwise stagnant room; they are also effective in winter by circulating warm air from heating. Whether you want to replace an old existing fan or install a new one, the team at BTR Electrical can help you.


Smoke Detectors

Smoke alarms are a life saving devices that by law must be installed in every home. The battery needs to be replaced every year and the unit replaced every 10 years. Our skilled electricians can install new smoke alarms or replace old ones and can even interconnect several detectors to alarm simultaneously.

BTR Electrical - Smoke Detector

Electrician Eltham - Phone and Data Points

Phone and Data

If you have a problem with the phone line inside your home or office, or you are after additional data points, the team at BTR Electrical can give you an obligation free quote for all the phone and data cabling you require.

Outdoor/ Garden lighting

Outdoor and garden lighting can really add the finishing touches to any home. With a wide range of experience in many different properties, the team at BTR Electrical and their electricians can guide you through the whole decision making process to get the perfect result you are looking for.

Electrician Templestowe - Outdoor Lighting